Our Team

The LeCroy & Milligan Associates’ team includes evaluators, research assistants, computer specialists, quality assurance and training specialists, and data entry specialists. The team members have professional backgrounds in psychology, social work, public health, juvenile justice, education, public administration, family studies, and management information systems. Using experienced staff who specialize in various functions and possess a wide range of knowledge in human services allows us to design and implement research studies, evaluations, and training with a high degree of quality.

Various team members have knowledge and experience that includes program development, program implementation, strategic planning, and program research and evaluation. This enables us to understand the theoretical and practical issues involved in human services and to conduct objective research based on sound methodology grounded in the real world of practice. Moreover, our work is not dependent on one person, but rather involves an entire team, which provides clients with additional assurance that our work will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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