Child Welfare and Family Services

Our commitment to assisting programs that seek to provide supportive services to children and families is long standing. LeCroy & Milligan Associates has designed and conducted evaluation projects ranging from small consultations with local non-profits seeking to build their evaluation capacity to large statewide program evaluations aimed at improving family services on a large scale or to rigorously test the efficacy of an intervention.  Many of these studies provide critical information for policy-makers, government agencies, and regional coalitions as program and funding decisions are made. Our studies have included evaluations related to foster care and adoption, child abuse prevention, home visitation programs family support services, maternal health, youth development, financial stability, homelessness, refugee services, among others. We conduct these evaluation studies with technical assistance to build effective quality assurance systems that track performance and assure program fidelity.  We emphasize translating research evidence into effective program planning combined with ongoing technical assistance.

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Early Childhood Education & Health /Secondary Education

LeCroy & Milligan Associates works with government agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, tribal entities, early childhood coalitions, health departments, and others to provide evaluation research and technical assistance to programs and initiatives that seek to improve the health and education of children from birth through graduation. As states and schools are increasingly investing in early childhood education, we have provided extensive strategic facilitation and technical assistance with a number of alliances and coalitions of programs that seek systems improvements to address the needs of young children.  We have conducted qualitative and quantitative studies of early literacy programs and health programs, evaluated professional development programs and evaluated quality rating systems. We have worked extensively with K-12 education projects, including evaluations of drop-out prevention programs, math and science teacher prep, school-based behavioral health support services, peer education programs, school and community based teen pregnancy prevention programs, and youth development initiatives. 

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Juvenile and Adult Justice Programs

LeCroy & Milligan Associates has designed and conducted formative and summative evaluations of juvenile and adult justice programs for federal, state, and local organizations and agencies. This experience includes outcome evaluations, risk prediction studies, and technical assistance and consultation in program planning.  Examples of past evaluations a statewide evaluation of Colorado’s probation program for juveniles and adults ; evaluation of the Pima County Drug Court program; development and validation of a juvenile risk instrument for the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections; evaluation of  treatment services for juvenile offenders and their families; evaluations of adult prisoner re-entry programs, studies of juvenile recidivism, and others. This work has resulting in more effective programming for those in the highest category of need and risk.

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Systems Change, Coalition Evaluation, and Foundations

LeCroy & Milligan Associates provides consultation and evaluation services to organizations for strategic planning and to large coalitions for improving systems of service delivery. Our work with organizations has centered on their desire to better define their strategy, direction, and allocation of resources. Exemplifying our work in strategic planning is our collaboration with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona (UWTSA), where we have worked directly with the UWTSA’s Impact Councils to facilitate strategic planning for over five years. Of particular note is our development of a systems-level evaluation with a southern Arizona early childhood coaltion. Since 2008, LMA has facilitated the development of systems-level indicators, mapped the early childhood services system in southern Arizona, helped to form the Coaltion’s Leadership Team, and conducted numerous trainings and planning sessions with coalition members. We have worked extensively with the Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness to facilitate strategic planning. By examining their vision, mission, values, strategies, and benchmarks, we developed a guiding plan with the coalition. Our staff has also worked for many years with Prevent Child Abuse America on their Research Practice workgroup to strategically build the research base of home visitation, and improve the use of research in practice.  This work has been instrumental in the growth of the national home visitation system.

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Health and Mental Health

LeCroy & Milligan Associates helps to promote more effective and efficient health and mental health care services by conducting studies of new and established health care approaches and interventions. Our goal is to provide evaluation information that leads to the adoption of best practices and models.  Our projects have examined the healthcare needs and issues of individuals from infancy through older adults. For example, we have worked with school districts to assess and refine their mental health support services to American Indian students, with criminal justice system providers to evaluate family drug treatment programs, and with oral health providers and community outreach organizations to assess their effectiveness in reaching different populations with health care information and services. We have provided technical assistance, training and evaluation with coalitions to help ensure that community leaders, organizations and institutions are prepared to help consumers understand the coming changes in health insurance per the Affordable Care Act.  LeCroy & Milligan Associates also conducts numerous needs and assets assessment in the areas such as early childhood health and development, older adult service needs, children with special health care needs, homeless youth health care needs, and minority women’s health needs.

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Prevention Services

For over 20 years, LeCroy & Milligan Associates has evaluated programs aimed at preventing health and behavioral problems among children, youth and families. Our focus has been assisting organizations to effectively design prevention programs and evaluate the impact of those programs.  A critical aspect to effective program implementation has been helping organizations to design and implement quality assurance systems.   Many of these evaluations have used quasi-experimental or randomized clinical trials.  For example, we conducted a randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a teen pregnancy prevention program.  Our work has encompassed a wide range of substantive areas, including substance abuse prevention programs in urban, rural and Native American communities, family violence and sexual assault prevention, school drop-out prevention, child abuse prevention, and juvenile delinquency prevention. 

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