Data Management, Database Development and Data Analysis

LeCroy & Milligan Associates has helped many organizations meet the growing need to gather and effectively analyze data to evaluate program outcomes and meet performance accountability requirements. From the start of projects, we help clients develop data collection plans and recommend or develop appropriate and feasible stand-alone or cloud-based data collection system. We then provide training and technical support the chosen data collection system. We help clients harness their increasing volumes of data with direct data entry services that remove the burden from program staff and insure the highest quality and accurate data. Our experienced data analysts work with data sets large and small to help organizations see trends, compile evidence of program impact, or merge data from different sources to tell the critical stories of their work. Using creative data visualization methods, we enable organization decision-makers and other stakeholders to better understand the implications of their data and see progress.


Project Examples

Youth On The Rise

Using a collective impact framework, Youth On The Rise seeks to reengage Opportunity Youth - youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24, not connected or insufficiently connected to school or work funded through the Aspen Institute and managed by the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. LeCroy & Milligan Associates assisted in the selection of their data system, Social Solutions Efforts to Outcomes, and developed the data collection forms, dashboard, and reports within the system. We continue to provide training and support for the system as well as make adjustments as new variables or assessments are needed. 

Healthy Families Arizona

For over 25 years we have entered and managed the data collection for the Healthy Families Arizona home visitation program for up to 56 sites across Arizona. Over the years, we have revised the data collection forms based on the needs of the program and have revised the database structure used to support the data. Our staff has performed quarterly and annual data analysis for a number of reports.  LeCroy & Milligan Associates also assisted in the transition to using Social Solutions Efforts to Outcomes for MIECHV funded programs. This included developing the training manual, conducting trainings, and providing telephone support for the start-up.