Program Planning and Quality Assurance

LeCroy & Milligan Associates helps organizations, government entities, and coalitions undertake planning processes to design evidence-based programs, identify measurable program goals and objectives, create a solid quality assurance system, and conduct long-range strategic program development.

Collectively our staff possess expertise in a wide range of content areas, including child welfare, early childhood health and development, child abuse and neglect, adolescent risk behaviors, domestic violence, family support services, maternal health, healthcare systems, homeless youth and adults, children with special health care needs, secondary education, drop-out prevention, adult and juvenile justice and delinquency, mental health, and substance abuse.  Because we have worked with local, state and federal projects, we have a broad exposure to the human services delivery systems, and have completed literature reviews about best practices in service delivery. In addition, we have developed quality assurance systems and tools for statewide service systems and local service organizations for over 15 years.

Our Associates’ experience in program management, community development, and organizational planning grounds our technical assistance in the practical issues facing programs with limited resources.   We use a broad array of methods to gather data to feed into a planning process; for example, using surveys, interviews, focus groups, and site visits to assess needs, review program operations, or gather perceptions about services.


Project Examples/Results

Arizona Fostering Readiness and Permanency Project

The Arizona Fostering Readiness and Permanency (FRP) Project was designed to achieve the overarching outcome of improved permanency for children in foster care in order to prevent children from languishing in foster care for long periods of time. To achieve this goal, the FRP Project (an initiative of the Arizona Department of Economic Security) chose two new innovative models designed to fundamentally change the way that case management services were delivered for these children. LeCroy & Milligan Associates was contracted to provide consultation, using Implementation Science approaches, in developing the quality assurance system form the ground up. Within a year of our efforts, all aspects of the quality assurance system were developed, tested, revised, and finalized, with a comprehensive QA manual documenting all processes and tools for future use

Southern Arizona Family Support Alliance

This newly forming alliance of home visitation and family support programs in southern Arizona faced challenges in meeting state-required data and evaluation requirements.  The evaluation capacity assessment was designed to 1) help each grantee explore and identify their current evaluation activities, needs and resources; 2) identify organizational strengths and barriers to carrying out evaluation activities; 3) provide information that can help to guide organizations’ decisions about where to allocate scarce resources for evaluation; and 4) help identify ways to share expertise across Alliance members and learn from each organization’s methods and experiences in evaluation.   The evaluation team developed a self-assessment questionnaire and a structured interview protocol that explored six basic elements of evaluation capacity including: evaluation infrastructure; data collection capacity; data quality assurance capacity; data entry capacity; Information Technology (IT), database and data analysis capacity; and use of evaluation information and data.  This information informed the development of the evaluation and data collection plan for the 3 year evaluation process, and identified targets for professional development and training that was done with Alliance members.