Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

LeCroy & Milligan Associates has conducted a wide range of program evaluations and research for numerous local, state and federal projects for over 20 years. One of our company’s strengths is our ability to develop and implement creative program evaluation designs to assess the implementation and the impacts of a program. Projects have ranged in size from short, local consultations to multi-year, multi-site large scale evaluations.

We start with the most rigorous design that is feasible and often employ multiple methods to gather many sources of information that can be used to improve a program and assess its outcomes. We employ qualitative techniques and methods such as document review and content analysis, focus groups, case studies, and in-depth interviews, as well as quantitative and experimental approaches such as quasi-experimental designs, randomized control trials, measurement development, surveys, and multi-variate statistical analyses. We have strong expertise in database manipulation, as we frequently extract data or combine databases for different analytic needs.


Project Examples/Results

Diamond Challenge First Focus on Kids Early Learning Partnership program evaluation

First Focus on Kids is a southern Arizona coalition of organizations working on a comprehensive range of early childhood education issues.  LeCroy & Milligan Associates has provided annual evaluation consultation for six years, beginning with tracking of multiple partners service efforts and then evolving the evaluation to examining growth and accomplishments at the systems level, using the Build Initiative framework for systems evaluation.  Evaluation information was key in developing successful grant awards to expand early childhood programs.Aspects of the evaluation approach have been adopted by two other early childhood alliances in Arizona. The United Way has adapted many of the approaches, instruments and methods for use with its other Impact Councils, resulting in a strong and consistent approach to systems thinking and evaluation across the organization.

Healthy Families Arizona program evaluation and longitudinal study

For over 20 years we have implemented both process and outcome evaluations of the Healthy Families home visitation program in up to 56 sites across Arizona. Over the years, we have completed a qualitative interview study, an implementation study, an annual outcomes study, a focus group study, a cost effectiveness study, several literature reviews, developed the statewide quality assurance systems.The quality of these efforts was a contributing factor to Arizona becoming the first state system to be credentialed by Prevent Child Abuse America, and the award of a 5 year Children’s Bureau grant to conduct a randomized control trial.