Strategic Planning

LeCroy & Milligan Associates has often been requested to provide consultation to agencies, collaborations and coalitions in their strategic planning efforts. Our work with organizations has centered on their desire to better define their strategy, direction, and allocation of resources.  In addition to organizational strategic planning, we have developed methods to work with large coalitions around strategic planning for systems of service delivery (e.g. early childhood services, or homeless provider services).

The way that the strategic planning process is developed depends on the nature of the group’s leadership, culture, size and complexity of the system’s environment, etc. We have often found that the “process” of strategic planning is as important as the strategic plan document itself.

We coordinate a team of staff with a variety of expertise and skills (e.g., facilitation skills, focus group skills, survey development, etc) to conduct high level, comprehensive strategic planning.


Project Examples/Results

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona Impact Councils

In our work with the United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona, we have worked directly with Impact Councils to facilitate strategic planning for over 5 years.  In working together with the Youth Development Coalition, the Support Seniors Council, the First Focus on Kids early childhood coalition, and the Financial Stability Partnership, we’ve developed a comprehensive and shared approach to identifying theories of change, program or coalition goals, objectives, action steps, and outcome indicators.  This approach has helped to create a stronger focus on results accountability and using evaluation for program improvement.

Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness (TPCH)

LeCroy & Milligan Associates is experienced at facilitating meetings with stakeholders and partner agencies, and has experience balancing the needs of multiple organizations and representatives. LeCroy & Milligan Associates worked with the TPCH steering committee and 4 subcommittees in a year-long process to facilitate all the key components of the TPCH strategic plan to address the needs of chronically homeless individuals and families in Pima County.  The planning activities included coordinating a broad coalition of volunteer members to develop comprehensive objectives, action steps, and Continuum of Care Benchmarks and Performance Measurements.  In addition, for many years, we have successfully coordinated data collection activities and statistical analysis associated with the Housing Inventory Chart, Point-in-Time Counts, and the Continuum of Care Performance Measures requirements of the annual Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Programs application toHUD.