Some of our requested training has included:

Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI) Training:

On-site training for home visitors and family support workers in the implementation, scoring, and clinical application of the HFPI, and the HFPI-P (prenatal) instruments. One day HFPI Core Training, and one day Training of Trainers available.

Key Questions for Evaluation Planning:

A conceptual approach using key questions to help you plan an evaluation of your program.

Conducting Needs/Assets Assessments:

Fundamental outline of what to include and how to conduct a needs/assets survey of your community, organization, coalition or program.

Program Planning/Program Development:

Review of key elements for designing effective programs and maintain fidelity to evidence-based practices.

Designing and Implementing a Quality Assurance System:

Steps, methods, and tools to develop a quality assurance system for performance management.

Designing Surveys & Questionnaires:

How to ask good questions and avoid biased responses. A guide to preventing common mistakes made in creating surveys.

Collaboration and Systems Development:

What are the types and steps to collaboration? How does a coalition use systems thinking to assess progress over time?


How can I work effectively with frustrating situations and eventually move towards mutually beneficial solutions to conflict?

Introduction to Statistics/Analyzing Data:

A beginner's guide to the most commonly used statistical analyses. Simple suggestions for ways to recode and enter data.

How to Conduct Focus Groups:

A useful method to gain insight/gather feedback from clients, staff, and other community members.