Since 1991, LeCroy & Milligan Associates has provided a comprehensive array of research, program evaluation, technical assistance, training, facilitation and quality assurance services that offer many benefits to clients.  With the assistance of LeCroy & Milligan Associates, organizations become better equipped to design and implement evidence based programs and practices, and document the outcomes of those efforts.  The management and analysis of data for effective use in organizational and programmatic decision-making has become a critical aspect of all of our work. We assist organizations in selecting appropriate databases or create customized databases if needed.  Our Data management professionals are skilled at handling large quantities of data, and performing all levels of data cleaning and analysis.

In all our projects, we design the technical assistance and evaluations through a collaborative process with the client. LeCroy & Milligan Associates understands the practical and fiscal constraints of research studies and evaluations, as well as the numerous demands already placed on program staff and administrators. Our work has contributed to policy development through research activities including needs assessments, literature reviews, surveys and rigorous studies to gather information about the effectiveness of programs and initiatives.

LeCroy & Milligan Associates also provides a wide range of planning and facilitation assistance to organizations in both the public and private sectors.  Our work with organizations and companies has centered on their desire to better define their strategy, direction, and allocation of resources.  We also work extensively with government agencies and large and small coalitions to conduct strategic planning and coalition building activities. Consultation, technical assistance, workshops and multimodal training events help our clients to gain skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement and evaluate their efforts.

LeCroy & Milligan Associates firmly believes that the goal of any consultation project is improvement of the client services and, subsequently, enhanced quality of life for those served by the organizations.  To do this, we work diligently to use the best existing science associated with the subject area, conduct projects that are within the organization’s resources, and make recommendations that lead to identified improvements and are relevant to the changing needs and priorities of the organization.